Why are there so many Raggies on Aliwal Shoal?

No one seems to understand why the shoal continues to be home (albeit temporary) to such large numbers of Ragged Tooth sharks. their presence surely vindicates Scuba Divers who for too long have been blamed for their declining numbers.

The authorities have been too quick to lay blame at our feet. The fact that sharks were declining whilst Scuba diving was increasing was seen by many to be a direct relationship.

Perhaps now and in the fututre the ‘Scientists’ might take a more scientific view of cause and effect and not lay blame at the feet of us Scuba Divers without proper evidence..

Off my soap,box now….The sharks in the Cathedral are so tightly packed you can’t see through them to the other side. The current has picked up a bit but the vis is still great and the water is still warm.

Give us a call and get down here to see these wonderful creatures whilst they are still in such numbers 🙂