Tiger Shark Facts

This beautiful shark grows to maximum length of 5.5m and their life span is to about 30 years old. It is sad to know that the protection status of the Tiger sharks is rated as poor on the current shark protection status list.

Tiger shark prey includes small sharks, rays, dolphins and turtles. Their habitat is warm warters and they migrate to the tropics during winter months. The Aliwal Shoal habitat for the Tiger Sharks are 3-5km off the the South African East Coast, the tend to be in the Aliwal Reef areas during the mornings and then move South during the afternoon and evenings.

Tiger Sharks have got striped like markings and blunt,squared-off snout.They have a spiracle situated right behind their eyes that provides them with a constant flow of oxygen directly to the brain and the eyes.Their teeth is a unique cockscomb shape tooth with a deep notch on the outer margin, lined with numerous cusplets, a versatile tool that allows a wide variety of prey items.

Tiger Sharks seldom compete with each for food and due to this fact it allows them to accept each other and the divers at a bait stem.To the Tiger Shark divers are only a point of interest and the appearance and noisy equipment are confusing to them. They are shy, kept back animals, but very curious at the same time.

There are so many reason for us to protect the Tiger Shark and help stop their extinction. Always remember you are in their home, respect them and their nature.