Summer Season Joys – Tiger Sharks/ Bull Sharks/Dolphins

Time flies when you are having fun…we just entered the beginning of a new year and already we are almost exiting the first month. New adventures, ideas,dreams and opportunities has opened and diving just gets better by each day. We have been blessed this summer season so far with the Tiger and Bull shark sightings and the smiles on our divers faces shows it all. The adrenaline of seeing these amazing ocean creatures and how gentle and elegant they move under the water with no care in the world that they are being watched by curious bubble blowers.

Dolphins have been greeting us on almost every dive so far providing endless joy by both student divers and us oldies that have dives for years, but the sight of these friendly mammals just do not fade.

Water temperature has been changing between 23 and 25 degrees, perfect summer waters and the visibility has been really kind to us and some days not so much.

With all the fun and playing in the ocean we have been given the opportunity to give back to the community and we will be having a Back to School Drive for children that cannot afford those special necessities to start of the year. We will be having a drop box at the dive centre for every one to come and donate any school items for the Umlazi District School goers. Lets put the smiles back onto the little children faces 🙂

Then we have Valentines Day around the corner…have you planned that special day for your other half yet? Make it a weekend or mid-week break away for both of you and join Aliwla Dive Centre next month for the love of diving, our ocean life also need some care and love after all.

Do not forget the Sardine Run that is just around the corner again…bookings are open and there are still some few spaces left so do not wait to long or you will miss out on this fantastic life event.

We wish all of you a great year ahead and safe travels and diving..remember always stick to your buddy and your dive plan.

From all of us @ Aliwal Dive Centre – KEEP THOSE SCUBA BODIES MOVING