Shark Cage Diving & Snorkeling

See Oceanic Blacktip, Tiger, Zambezi (Bull) and Dusky sharks.

This is your chance to tick another item off that bucket list. Safely.

A Shark Cage Diving Adventure!

Here is your chance to meet these amazing creatures face to face for the rush of a lifetime! Be part of the new adventure experience that defies logical thought, and do something you thought you would never do – be in the water with sharks all around you. Willingly.

All you have to do is float inside the safety of a South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) approved stainless steel cage with a mask on. Nothing to it, right? Exactly. But be prepared for the adrenalin rush!

Our compliment of 8 staff collectively has over 66 years experience in the diving and shark industries, so we know our stuff. Come see for yourself.

We operate from Umkomaas and safely take you through the surf (our skippers have over 25 years surf launching experience on the Kwazulu Natal Coast) on our customised 8m Superduck Semi Rigid boats powered by 2x 100 HP Yamaha Four Stroke motors, to an area south of the Aliwal Shoal, where the sharks are plentiful. It is about a 20 minute boat ride, and during this time we often encounter Dolphins, Turtles and Whales. Best thing is the boat ride is for free!

Once there we attract the sharks in strict compliance to our Department of Environmental Affairs Shark Diving permit and lower the floating cage into the water. Our engineer-designed and built cage can hold up 8 people at a time, although we usually restrict it to 6, as it gives you more space. You will get at least 30-45 min in the water, depending on number of people and sea conditions.

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