Raggie Bonanza at the Aliwal Shoal

Aliwal Dive Center hosts the Raggie Bonanza during the months of June and July.
aliwal dive raggie bonanza

This event witnesses the annual migration of the Ragged tooth sharks to the Aliwal Shoal, for their mating season. During this period we see huge numbers of Raggies in an extremely mellow and docile state, creating awesome photo opportunities. Depth ranges between 8 and 27 meters.

You will be in the hands of a very competent and experienced crew, who have an extensive knowledge of, and passion for, sharks and the ocean. Raggie Bonanza is a very unique event of observing one of the marvels of nature.

The Bonanza will be a double tank or two dive exclusive.

Travel agents and standard tour operators email us at dive@aliwalshoal.co.za for Standard Tour Operators Rates.

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