New Structure

What has been happening down the South Coast at Aliwal Dive Centre?

On the 9th of April Pam and Mark left us to start their new adventure in the cold lands of England. We hear that they are doing well and are starting to settle down. Pam and Mark have been a big part of Aliwal Dive Centre and will always be remembered dearly and never forgotten.

With the departure of Pam and Mark; the valuable work that they performed at the centre has now been split amongst the remaining staff. Basie, Clare, the newest staff member: Dolf, and myself: Matthew.

Basie is no longer allowed to go spearing straight after his launches anymore. Much to his dismay, I believe, he now has to do “office time”. He is now running the show, the MMWC. This is not such a bad thing. Now Basie does not get upset if I lead longer dives. If I lead longer dives I am now taking away his office time instead if his spearing time. It is a win win situation. I now have a maximum dive time of 91 minutes.

Clare has her hands full now; she is looking after three boys. Clare is the most important person at Aliwal Dive Centre; as she knows everything about everything at the dive centre. She is busy teaching Basie, Dolf and I how to run the front desk. Or else she will never get a weekend again.

Dolf is a Jack-Of-All-Trades (and a master of some) I for one am very glad to have Dolf back; now I can delegate someone else to clean the stinky bait bucket… ha ha ha…

As for myself, I am still enjoying the lifestyle. Still learning as I go along and collecting a few certs under my belt.