May Newsletter

Apologies to the 4 readers of this newsletter for maybe making you jealous. Those 4 readers do not include my mother, or half sister from my uncle’s brother side, who knows of someone down the street from them in Makwassie that once mentioned after a multitude of backyard mampoer that he knows of someone who actually reads this newsletter. Once. But hey, that counts. Makwassie?? There is no diving there..? That dude must have SERIOUSLY been bored.  Or drunk. Probably both. Not unlike you, reader no 5, who is reading this right now. Yes you, don’t look behind you, I’m talking to you. Not saying you are drunk, but definitely bored. Stop wasting time and go and do something constructive.
You are still here..?? Ok then, just to make you drool a bit… that time of year is upon us again with flat seas, mild weather and clean water. Up until July, or supposedly so. Best time of the year on this coast. But don’t come down, otherwise we are going to take your money.
These pictures were taken on the 6th May, a perfectly glassy day. How comfortable was your office chair on that day? Careful that the fluorescent lighting doesn’t give you sunburn.
20 meter plus vis and windless. I took a couple of snapshots out at sea not to share with you, but to make you jealous. And maybe to act as an incentive for you to stop sprouting roots in that very chair and to come and dive. Before they have to hack away the cobwebs just to get you out of that chair.

Today, the 8th, was exactly the same. You are missing out. But it’s ok, give that desk of yours a big hug. I am sure he appreciates all the time you spend with him, Quality time. Important.
The last couple of weeks the Baited dives were awesome with an abundance of Oceanic Blacktips and some nice playful Tigers. Now if you are picturing a striped furry feline with a tail, whiskers and a big growl, swimming around with Blacktip sharks – you would be 100% correct. Go and tell your friend in the white jacket.
What the reef diving has been like I would not know – I am on the boat remember, working hard on wrinkle number 523. Stubborn one that one.
One thing I did notice on the surface was two turtles playing leapfrog. Except the one on top didn’t leap high enough and got stuck on the one below. The idiotic expression on it’s face must have been from feeling like a nana in this display of lack of agility.  I assume that that would be the expression if a turtle felt idiotic. Or maybe that was an expression of feeling erotic. Can I say erotic in this newsletter? Well I just did. Twice. 
Hey reader no 5, they were NOT leapfrogging. Your burly friend in the white jacket is calling.
Enough, before our valued readership shrinks even more..
Enjoy our oceans!!
Basie, Clare, Matt & Dolf