Life of an Instructor

The life of an Instructor, their challenges, why they do it and what makes being an instructor worth it to them.

Michael Dowker – Instructor @ Aliwal Dive Centre

The fact that I can show people a new world and give them the knowledge and tools to breath under water is one of my strengths and it motivates me to see the changes on people’s faces when they finally click and see that they can actually breath under water. When it comes to caring for the environment and teaching my students and other divers I try and promote our underwater beauty on social media to make more people aware of what is there and that we need help to change our environmental situation.

Riaan Ferreira – Instructor @ Aliwal Dive Centre

I have always had a big love for the ocean and working with people. I became an instructor to live out my passion and combine it with the opportunity to share what I love with others. Aliwal Shoal is a diverse and ever surprising site which keeps me going back for more. I suppose our biggest challenge as an instructor is not knowing what to expect from new students and also the surprise of dealing with ever changing ocean and weather conditions. My biggest reward in what I do is to see the joy and amazement on people’s faces when they first discover what I get to experience on daily basis. The difficulties of dealing with elements and sometimes panic induced by these factors is what keeps us aware and makes us better at what we do.