Importance of Boat and Dive Safety Briefings

When it comes to safety we always need to step back, stop and think just a little longer than usual. With diving there are a few safety features to consider, after all we are not supposed to be able to breath under water.

Before each dive the Dive Master gives a briefing regarding the do’s and don’ts while under water and also on the surface. Listen and take note of the signs and meanings of underwater communication. Understand the importance of each sign, may it be that you need to let your buddy or the Dive Master know that you are out of air, your air limit has been reached to 50bar and you need to surface or that you have a cramp and you need help. The importance of staying in a group or with your buddy at all times.

Understanding and adhering to the do’s and don’ts is what helps you have the best dive and being able to concentrate on the beauty that our ocean has to offer on each dive.
Skippers give boat briefings before each launch for a valid and good reason, it is their job and they know the in’s and out’s. Not all launching sites are the same, some are flat launches, some have surf and some may even be out a harbour. In the end the same safety briefings apply. Feet in straps secured, life jackets on and secured, know how sit on the boat while launching, which direction to face in, where to hold onto and what to look out for and how to handle situations should any arise.

In the end is your safety that the Dive Master and Skipper care about and take into their own hands.