Benefits of doing a internship while completing your dive courses

Doing an Internships is a great way to spend that year off you are planning on taking after finishing school or maybe you are planning on taking a break from your college studies. Which ever it might be, if you are thinking of travelling and experiencing the oceans open waters, getting your scuba qualifications will be your first step or maybe you already have your qualifications but would like to go further and do your Dive Master Course and be able to lead dives and give your fellow divers an experience they will never forget.

By doing an Internship, you will be able learn the ins and outs of a dive centre, you learn  about the preparation of launching, dive planning, safety regulations, and you get to up your game in customer liaising. You will be working at the dive centre, help to prep the boats and safety gear before every launch / dive. You will be assisting clients with kitting up and making sure they are happy with their gear and that they feel safe and secure for the adventure that is about to happen. You will also learn how to cope with a client that is maybe not feeling that confident on the day and you will need to know how to calm that client and speak to the client and make sure that they are participating in dive because they want to and not because they are feeling pressured or ashamed. You will gain experience on how to talk, treat and assist people and most importantly be their support system.

You will also be helping around the dive centre after dives, learning how to prep the dive gear for the next day, service gear when needed, taking care of the boats, trailers and vehicles, assisting where needed.

One of the main benefits of doing the Internship is that you will be assisting the Instructors with their courses, learning how to deal with students and how to teach when your time comes. You will be leading dives under the Instructor guidance until you are qualified, and you have learned the techniques and skills needed to become a Dive Master. Once you have successfully completed your Dive Master the world is your oyster and you can travel all over, freelancing if you wish.

Should you want to take it one more step further and be that teacher to other scuba diver students, you can proceed to complete your Instructors course and become qualified Scuba Instructor.

So if you are taking that gap and love to travel and meet new and interesting people, use that free time and become a Dive Master or an Instructor. And in short your benefits are that you will be opening doors for yourself to go travel and explore the world and all the amazing dive sites there is to offer and best part of it all sharing it with your fellow diver buddies.

For more information on Aliwal Dive Centre Internship send us an email or send your query through our web page and we will send you all the information needed to prepare yourself and take that next step.