August Newsletter

Another month flew by, and we are all older. Yes, deny it as much as you want, but let’s admit it – this morning when you looked in the mirror you got a fright. As you do every morning before all the panel beating and spray painting commence. The good news is it is only going to get worse. Every month.  For the rest of your life. Unless you are close friends with a plastic surgeon.
With that joyful thought in mind, here is some trivial information on what has been happening on the East Coast of Kwazulu Natal, just to get your mind off the ageing process.  Ja right.
Diving in 20 metres visibility, glassy seas, warmest winter in years, sunbathing, swimming, and surfing – all under blue, sub tropical skies.  Now ask yourself: How has my month been??
Ok, enough of that – if you are getting depressed because you have aged and you have missed out, the answer is simple – you can change one of these. Which one that is, I’ll leave up to you to figure out. Again, unless you are close friends with a plastic surgeon, no brain power required there, so come and dive. We accept old people. And plastic ones.
Now, to tell you something informative, the conditions have been fairly good, with some pearler days, and some not so pearler days. Overall we’ve mostly had a light to medium reverse current, 10-20 metre visibility, water temperatures of 21-23 degrees Celsius and light winds. Lots of Humpback Whales around, dolphins and of course the Ragged Tooth Sharks. They are all over the reef, with reports of up to 20, just on North Sands alone. There must be a dentist there.  Lots of medical personnel mentioned here.
The Blacktips are still loose – and by that I don’t mean easy – on the baited dives, with some Duskies and Zambezis thrown into the mix.
I’ve also spotted big Manta Rays on several occasions, and even a Minke Whale. The Shoal was a busy place this month.
On a different note, we are hoping to see you at the Dive Show from 16-18 August 2013 at the Coca Cola Dome in Northgate, Stand C24.  Pop in and say hello. Or goodbye. But only after you’ve said hello. This only applies if you live in the Gauteng area of course.  Not saying hello and goodbye (you should do that anyway if you were raised properly) but popping in at the show. We don’t expect you to jump on a plane from across the Big Waters just to check out the show. If you have cash to burn, rather come do the real thing on the Aliwal, not the virtual one at a show.
We are running a competition at the Show – first prize is a Toyota Hilux 3L D4D 4×4 Double Cab, second prize a 7 day trip to Mauritius for two.
These prizes were sponsored by Make Believe Travel Agency in Nigeria, and the only requirement to enter is your credit card number, complete with expiry date and cvc number. Nothing to it – you can win this one hands down.
You can enter our other competition at the Show, where you can either win an Open Water Dive course, including accommodation, if you’ve always wanted to learn to dive, or, if you are a qualified diver, a 3 night 5 dive package for two. Sponsored by us. We are not located in Nigeria.
Enjoy our Oceans