Aliwal Shoal Seasonal Sightings

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In our February Blog we will provide you with some guidelines on our seasonal sightings and other sightings throughout the year. Please remember this is just a guideline as our ocean creatures do have their own timeline and preferences of where they want to be and when they want be there.

Our most popular season sighting is the annual Sardine Run that happens during the months of June / July. It is the migration of numerous shoals of millions of silver fish, it is a unique marine wonder.

All year round sightings will be our Oceanic Black Tips and White Tip reef sharks, this is what forms our famous all year shark dives and on occasion the Bull Shark and Tiger Shark will come visit on those dives.We also have our Turtles and Bottlenose Dolphins.

Raggies ( Ragged-Tooth Sharks) can be spotted from June through to November, but with the seasons and climates changes so drastically they have been spotted earlier and seems to be staying for longer periods at a time than usual.

Tiger Shark season, during our summer season, from November to March as they prefer warmer waters. Seeing one of these guys on a shark dive can make any divers day.We also have our Humpback Whales and Bull Sharks that passes through throughout the year, if you come across any of the three mentioned above then it was a successful dive no matter what the surf, water conditions or the visibility was.

Apart from all the seasonal sightings, Aliwal Shoal provides so much more. From Corals, Turtles, Potato Bass to Pipe Fish. Do not forget the Mantas, Parrot fish, Puffers, Eels, Wrasses, Trigger Fish and so much more.

So in the end it does not matter what your preference is to sightings, Aliwal Shoal truly do provide for each and every diver.

Join the Aliwal Dive Centre Team and let us help you explore the wonders of our amazing ocean life on Aliwal Shoal.