2019 Year End News Letter

Yet again another year has passed, a year that has been filled with excitement, joy, friendships, and of course you do get the odd offish days where the weather likes to intervene. Never the less 2019 has been a great year for Aliwal Dive Centre. 

We had prize give aways, photo competitions, International

rugby teams and Life Saving Teams as well as the privilege to have had KykNet Travel Destination and Super Sport Golf. Do not for

2019 Sardine Run

get the Sardine Run that was held in Port St Johns.

To all our customers, family and friends, thank you for all the support throughout the year and looking forward to another fantastic year with all of you during 2020.

KykNet Crew – Travel Destinations
Grant Roelofsen (wicket-keeper) and Keith Dudgeon (bowler), both play for the Dolphins cricket team…
New Zealand Life Saving Team- Black Fins Senior group
Fazana (our DSD prize winner)